cliffs ap biology

<p>Can I study for the Biology subject test using cliffs ap biology book? Or should I buy PR's biology subject test book?</p>

<p>I don't want to buy too many test prep books. I have a shelf of 10+ of these books already..</p>

<p>Only ten??? haha... Sorry. I was happy to sell ten of my prep books =) I still have about fifteen! </p>

<p>I liked the Cliffs AP Bio book. I also used Barrons to prepare, but thought that Cliffs did a better job explaining the material. I try not to use PR unless I feel like I'm lacking a solid background in the material because it seems to brush over some details that I thought were important on the test. One recommendation is to study the body systems. My school split the AP Bio class into three credits (two for first semester and one for second semester). I took anatomy and physiology instead of the third credit and I was wayyyy more confortable with that material than everyone else taking the AP Bio test at my school. Body systems were a considerable portion of the test last year; I don't know about this year or how it compares to other year... sorry. </p>

<p>If cost is the issue, try borrowing books from friends or checking them out at your public library. If the only reason is that you don't want too many test prep books on your shelf, try clearing another shelf =). They might be expensive, but I believe that they really help you prepare for the tests.</p>