CliffsNotes or Barrons

<p>I'm going to be in AP Bio this coming school year and for prep or just plain review, which book is better for AP Bio? What are some suggestions other than these two?</p>

<p>I've heard that Cliffnotes is the best. I've also heard some good things about Barron's too. But, Barron's is longer than Barron's and people say Cliffnotes is perfect for the exam. If you are self studying, I would say Barron's. If you are taking the class, go with CliffsNotes</p>

<p>Thank you. I'll buy CliffsNotes since I'm taking the class in school and not doing self study.</p>

<p>Does Cliffs have practice tests?</p>

<p>yes 10char</p>

<p>Both ideally. Your class won't be able to cover every unit, and Barron's will be a mini-class for those units, while CliffNotes will be your go-to for review.</p>