<p>Any climbers here? Any tips for beginners?</p>

<p>The only excercise I do right now if running(used to be on track no longer on a team).</p>

<p>I climbed a little bit when I was an undergrad (no time or money now...). My suggestions is to not underestimate how much arm strength it takes, with just running under your belt you will be sore for a couple days after your trip. Don't foget to use the rock to your advantage. It won't go anywhere, lean into it and use it for strength when you need that extra umph! Also, start with top-roping, it is much more beginner-friendly and safer than lead climbing. One last thing I suggest is to climb barefoot instead of with sneakers. Sneakers are bulky, you can get more grip and take advantage of smaller footholes with your bare feet (climbing shoes are another option, but I wouldn't invest in them until you are sure you want to climb regularly).</p>

<p>it shouldn't be all arm strength - a good climber knows how to use their legs to generate much of the upward force.</p>

<p>Never said ALL arm strength. I just remembering underestimating how I couldn't rely on my leg strength totally when beginning.</p>

<p>Yes. Nevertheless, it is more leg strength than arm strength. You want to not climb upward with your arms pulling you up and dragging your legs up with them, but by moving from side to side and taking small steps upwards with your legs.</p>