Closed Waitlist - Last Attempt

<p>I read on a thread that last year after the University of Notre Dame closed it's extended waitist, one father called up the school in early/mid August asking if there were any spaces left. The college did in fact have a spot and automatically gave it to his daughter because it was easier than having to review the extended waiting list and all that hassle, plus the extended waiting list was already "closed." Soon after, the daughter enrolled.</p>

<p>I was shut out of Dartmouth's extended waiting list this year, where the AdCom said they might not be able to take let a single person off the waitlist. In fact they took 19 off the waitlist according to the NYTimes. The extended waiting list has been closed so they are not able to take anyone off due to that finalization of it being "closed." </p>

<p>August 1 is approaching and I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to email the AdCom one last time, asking if there is a single spot for me. I tried really hard emailing them weekly, trying to network through my teacher (an alum), and sending two letters/updates.</p>

<p>The college I will be going in the fall is Bowdoin but having met some students recently I am not sure if I am a perfect fit (school is not as academic, is very sports centered), I don't have the excitement for college unfortunately, and it is not diverse enough for me I realized. Plus Dartmouth is a bit bigger. Maybe if I get this closure I can finally get excited about Bowdoin because I will know it is truly final.</p>

<p>Should I contact them? Do you think it is a pointless last attempt? Would it look bad for me, seeing I may attempt to transfer again in the future?</p>

<p>If you have made several personal attempts, as well as through your GC, to convey your continued interest I would consider it a done deal for now. I doubt it is a matter of the 'squeaky wheel' gets the space.
Give Bowdin a chance. Many students find they find their niche once they get to school and are very happy, provided they make an effort to leave their dorm and get involved in college life.
Congratulations & best of luck! You are going to a great school!!</p>

<p>no pain no gain, what is your loss not trying? give them a call!</p>

<p>I'm inclined to agree with blueiguana: going to Bowdoin with an open mind, and trying to find positives about it once your there, is likely to be a much more fruitful strategy than trying to get the hell out before you even get there.</p>

<p>There must have been something about Bowdoin that you liked when you decided to apply, right?</p>

<p>Beware of internet stories--you will be wiser for it. No adcom wants to deal with some desperate 18 year old. Let it go. I seriously doubt Dartmouth is that much more academic. It is plenty jocky too.</p>

<p>I had pointed in another post "there is a difference between being wishful and unrealistic". Could it have happened at ND? I don't think so but it could have. Also, there is no information on the applicants status and connections.</p>

<p>Will it happen at Dartmouth, an ivy league institution? I would say very unlikely. If one person did and word got out, you can imagine what will happen next year? I would say the more you think about Dartmouth the more sour Bowdoin is going to be and the more difficult it will be for you. You are better off by starting to forget the past and look to your new school with an open attitude. You may be pleasantly surprised. Else, you are setting your self up for a lot of misery, as you may be fighting demons.</p>

<p>bump.............. im interested in this</p>

<p>I found the post on the Notre Dame CC page: </p>

<p>"I had a friend who's Daughter did not get accepted off the wait list. He told me invariably in late July and August an accepted student does not "show" for whatever reason. He called ND in the mibeginning of August last year and in fact they had received word on several students who had accepted and confirmed they were coming had a change of heart and admissions was not calling the wait list as the waitlist was closed. He indicated his Daughter would still come, even at that late date and in August they gave her one of those slots. It's like an airline seat, on sold out planes someone always can't make it. With 2000 students there is bound to be 2 or 3 that don't show. If you have the stomach for it call admissions in late July or early August, even late August and maybe your Daughter's dream will come true. God Bless you all!"</p>

<p>There is a large difference between a spot in an elite college and an airline seat. One is first come-first-first served. If you're lucky you'll get a deal online. The other is competitive, choosing the best students of that admissions cycle. Waitlist does not equal standby. I highly doubt if a spot becomes available at a university in August it's going to go to the first caller, or the student parked on the admissions doorstep. They will look to see who is next to be given an offer on the wait list. Consider also if the student calling, expecting to get lucky is a LAs student. If the spot opens up in the school of engineering, it doesn't do them much good.</p>

<p>There isn't THAT big a difference between Dartmouth and Notre Dame. Why put Dartmouth on a pedestal and say you shouldn't pursue this tiny bit of hope because it is an Ivy? It is just a school, like any other school.</p>

<p>If you read the OP, they have in fact pursued. They have emailed weekly, networked through their GC who is an alumni, and sent letters with additional information. What the OP is not doing is allowing themselves the chance to get excited about Bowdin, viewing it as a let down instead. How can they possibly have a good experience going in with that attitude?</p>

Should I contact them?

You don't seem to have much to lose.

Do you think it is a pointless last attempt?

Yes, given that you've been consistently shot down.

Would it look bad for me, seeing I may attempt to transfer again in the future?

That would depend of how much of a pain you've been so far.</p>

<p>I think it's time to move on. If you have any hope of transferring in the future you need to embrace the fact that you're going to Bowdoin - if only so you'll fully throw yourself into the academics and community involvement you'll need to impress Dartmouth the second time around. Just don't be surprised if, after "throwing yourself into the community", you come to find that you actually like the place.</p>


<p>she was probably at the top of the wl or something. They dont just hand out acceptances to anyone who calls.</p>


<p>Bump....why? You received a dozen responses saying either to give it another shot, or you've done all you can, make peace with your school. Reread and pick a plan of action. My guess is you'll be making that last ditch plea. I hope not. I think you will feel much better moving on and getting ready for your new school. Now you still don't believe you're going think there's that chance you might get off the wait list. You would probably be happier right now to have received a denial so you could focus on the school you choose, an amazing school, Bowdin.
Best wishes.</p>

<p>I know I got into a top school and should be excited/grateful but I just want this closure. I am expecting and hoping to get the denial so that last lingering idea I got from damn CC soars away. Here is to the end of this and this thread.</p>

<p>^^^^So call them already and be done with it.</p>

<p>Did it work, xylem888?</p>