Closing active threads

Since apparently I can’t respond in thread about closing a thread I’ll do it here. Shutting down active conversations about current events is shooting yourselves in the foot. Fine if you want to start a part 2 but CC should not be dictating when a thread has run its course. If people are still responding, obviously it’s still relevant.

Closing threads with too many flags creates a vacuum of group think. The parent forum and cafe should have the lightest moderation. If people are offended by someone’s opinion, just don’t read the post! Short of name calling and personal attacks, everything should be open discussion in the cafe.


I could not agree more.

Furthermore CC should remove “off topic” as a reason for flagging. Let users’ conversations meander a bit! Don’t worry that something will be a wild non sequitur – the thread readers will steer the conversation back themselves.

The other forum I know that works well happens to be on the same platform as CC. This is what pops up when you click on the flag: off topic isn’t even an option! And yet, discussions stay on topic with no interference!

Tagging @CCAdminMike because I think the flagging for off topic is a nuisance and distraction.