Clothes during school year?

<p>How much clothes should we bring once school starts in the fall? Is it better to just bring summer/fall clothes to wear until winter break, then go home and change for thicker clothes? Or do students usually bring all their clothes from home at once?</p>

<p>I live in Texas, and it's warm until nov/dec so maybe after thanksgiving, you should bring warm clothes from home :) see you this fall!</p>

<p>I found that I could actually squeeze more "stuff" into my dorm room than I thought so don't fret too much about that part. I thought I brought a lot down but I've seen some girls who've packed about twice as much into the same closet. It's more of the moving part that's the trouble. I'd leave most of your heavier stuff at home but I'd definitely bring a couple jackets as it can get pretty chilly some days in November, especially if you're walking around campus early in the morning or late at night.
A big factor in how much you bring on your first trip is how close you are and how often you plan on going home. Some people go home monthly (others even more) so this isn't an issue for them. If you plan on doing a straight shot to Thanksgiving (I did) then you should be fine with a couple pairs of jeans and a couple jackets/sweaters.
Don't forget to bring a nice set of dress clothes for those random occasions. It'll come in handy. Also be sure to bring an umbrella, and a good one at that. It doesn't rain hard on campus often but an umbrella is pretty indispensable when it does.
One mistake that I made was not bringing anything home over Spring Break. Now I've got a bunch of Winter clothes and hardly enough car space to carry them :&lt;/p>

<p>In case you don't know yet, winter clothes in Texas consists of a hoodie and jeans, so I think you'll find that winter clothes don't take up too much space.</p>