Clovis Comm College--anyone heard of it?

<p>I just enrolled my h/s junior (now a senior, homeschooled) in two online classes at Clovis CC in Clovis NM this summer. The price is great--$240 total for out-of-state residents--and I have read good reviews of their programs. Since it is regionally accredited I am assuming the credits will be accepted by our state university??? These are simple classes, nothing complicated: a Philosophy class and a Western Civ class.</p>

<p>Has anyone had any experience with Clovis? </p>


<p>I have met some faculty from Clovis, it sounds like a nice place. In New Mexico, there is a statewide articulation agreement that the universities will accept community college degrees and coursework from transfer students. As long as they are regular courses that have equivalent courses at UNM, such as Intro to Philosophy or Western Civ, then the courses should transfer just fine. The enrollment folks at Clovis can confirm this.</p>