CLT Classic Learning Test at Florida Universities

Looks like this will be approved today.
What impact will this have on Florida schools?

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Thank you.

I doubt it will have much impact on overall admissions. A number of schools have been using it already. My son who is a big classics guy and taken a lot of art history, lit and latin classes wants to take it. It will be interesting to see how he does on it compared to the SAT and ACT he’s already taken

The test’s web site is at . However, you need to make an account there to be able to see any sample questions.

Author Bank for Classic Learning Test (CLT) says that “two thirds of the reading and writing passages are drawn from the list of authors” on that page.

Looking at the list, I have to admit that I personally would have much preferred this test to the SAT when I was in high school.

Here is a separate thread in the politics section for the political aspects of the Classic Learning Test:

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of this.

There doesn’t seem any data allowing colleges to interpret scores.

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So says CLT Classic Learning. Some of the schools CLT lists, and even some of the supposed partner schools, disagree.