Club ideas?

I go to a very small school 6-12 grades with about 250ish students in the high school. It’s a sports-crazy school, but I wanted to add a club in. Give kids

who aren’t into playing sports
Something to do, but not really sure
what kind of club people would be motivated to join. Most kids just like to get high. Thought about a chess club…
But I know a lot of them don’t know
How to play so…any ideas???

I don’t know, anything that you or your friends like. Preferably not drug-related.

Here are a few ideas:
*any card/board game-related club (e.g. chess, Go, Scrabble, bridge, poker etc.)
*something academic (e.g. math, robotics, foreign language). May or may not be popular though
*video game club (I don’t see these in schools much though)
*outdoors or sport-related that is not already at your school

etc etc.

“Most kids just like to get high.”

No they don’t.

Hey @brijetz17!

Tell me some of your interests and I will give you some ideas.

@ teddiecruz ummmm you haven’t been to my school…that is legit what they do for fun. ALL THE TIME. Or smoke the vaporizer cigarettes because “they like the taste”.

@EIC2400 I’ve tried to start an A Capella group about a year ago, but with only five people that wanted to do it, it didnt work out. I’m more of an academics person so like what @MITer94 said like a math club is interesting to me however I doubt anyone else would be interested in that.

A few clubs that my school offers are the issues club where people discuss any current issues worldwide or around them. Another nice club to start is a gardening club to beautify and better maintain the school’s campus.

If you want to do something math-like but with more interesting stuff you can do with it (e.g. creating simple games, forums, document editors, doing math, or just about anything else), you could try a programming club. Success of course depends on how many geeky types are among you, but you might be surprised–in my case I started with four of the most academically-minded freshmen and they recruited 1/7th of the entire freshman class for me (small school, but still). People get really excited about creating (primitive) versions of the software they use every day. They were practically hitting the ceiling when we finished programming a maze game for a final project.

start a magazine. then kids can send in their writing, drawings, columns, articles.It would be a great way to involve alot of people and bring them together for a fun purpose

Starting a quizbowl team would be a great option.

You could start a tutoring/college readiness club if your school has a lot of kids who struggle. Mine is full of students at the low-end of the middle class or in poverty. Many of these kids might not go to college and it looks really good if you reverse that. If you are culturally minded or an ethnic minority you could start a junior world affairs club. Chances are there is a national branch in your city. If you really want any club just get enough of your friends together who share your specific interest and find a sponsor. Hope that was helpful!

If you are into anime, maybe start an anime club? My school has around 300 people and when I started one, around 30 people joined. What we do is basically watch anime and draw manga. It’s pretty laid back, but fun.
I also created a physics club at my school, but only 5 people joined. I guess it’s hard to start clubs that are academic related in small schools. Not enough people are usually interested.
So I think creating a club that’s fun and relaxing will get the most members to join. In my opinion academic clubs are better, but it’s better to create a fun, hobby club where there are more people interested. It’s more about the whole than the individual.

Thanks everybody for ideas!! It helps out A LOT.

@heavydirtysoul I understand what you mean about it being more about the whole than the individual. Thanks for the advice. Love your username BTW. twenty one pilots right?

@brijetz17 haha yup! one of my favorite bands.

good luck with your club!