club leadership

<p>Just interested, how do people in your school get elected for positions?</p>

<p>The reason I ask is because I have worked extensively and dedicated myself to clubs throughout high school. However, the senior officers of each club decide the positions for the club in each coming year. I am just extremely hurt because I was denied president (and at that, any position) in a couple of clubs this week for my senior year. Without a doubt, I was beyond qualified for each of the positions I applied for- yet, I was not too popular with the senior class as a whole. With this knowledge I now have to accept that I won't have a hand in directing any of the clubs and gearing them in the directions that I have so wanted to and was unable to these past three years. I am completely torn between removing myself from the clubs because while I love these activities, I can't be in them with the knowledge that I'll never be able to truly improve them (I say this because whenever I make a suggestion, I am always shut out with a "When you're captain/president/on the board you can have a say in what goes on"). Anyone in a similar situation? Any suggestions?</p>