Clubs and Presidents

I’ve read forums on club info already, but the people who post them are always the president of like 5 clubs! How much do colleges really weigh in your extracurricular activity in regards to school clubs? I’ve been hearing that membership in clubs like CSF and NHS are worth nothing if you’re not president, vp, or some officer because colleges see too many applicants with the same qualifications. How much is everything weighed (ie. grades, SAT scores, sports, clubs)?

<p>Aren't presidential offices merely popularity contests? (at least in my school, they are). If they are, then I believe that their value should be negated - after all, high school ephemeral popularity counts for little once you're on college campus.</p>

<p>Hell, I was clearly the most enthusiastic in the field but I was still voted off. wHy? Probably because I just don't relate to people and thus don't have any close friends. That doesn't mean I'm incapable of arranging competitions.</p>

<p>Yes with so many Presidents and V.P's floating around here and actually everywhere in the admissions process adcom's know damn well how to tell the difference between a fake president and one who actually does stuff. Sure it may be mentioned in your recommendation but the colleges don't know what you have actually done. If you can convey to the colleges that you are looking at all that you have done as president of whatever club and provide concrete very specific examples and have others (such as teachers/advisers) back-up your story through their recommendations you will be in good shape!</p>

<p>Hahah thanks for the responses, but I'm posting because I've yet to actually run for any office. How much do colleges weigh clubs against grades/SAT scores?</p>