Clubs/Organizations: What are you in?

<p>What clubs are you in or planning to be in? </p>

<p>I think I want be in the ballroom dance club and maybe a video game club (If there is one)</p>

<p>i read somewhere in the uc booklet that ucsd has a zombie survival club. i wouldn't mind checking that club out lol. i'm playing WoW and Assassin's Creed right now, but that'll all have to stop when i enter college. found a list if you wanna browse around.
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<p>The MQ is a fantastic on-campus satire newspaper that I write for (and you should too! Check out The</a> MQ - Caution: Paper Flammable When on Fire). I believe that the Zombie Survival Club died out last year, though they had some activities like archery training that seemed to be really cool.</p>

<p>Anything else...apparently The Guardian is a great group of folks, at least according to a lot of my friends. And you should definitely check out NERD-they have all-night LAN parties twice per quarter that are really fun.</p>

<p>Anyway, there are a LOT of groups to choose from, especially if you are Christian and a minority. There are like 30 Christian minority groups. I'm not going to's kind of annoying.</p>