Clueless mom

<p>Ok - so we have heard verbal yes from CM and Univ Rochester, along with the safeties Pitt and Clemson. Still waiting to hear from UM, Duke and Emory. We are having "issues" with Emory because ex hubby is a twerp and after repeatedly promising DS that he had sent his tax stuff I found out yesterday that he has not yet. Or its been misplaced. But given the whole ex hubby-twerp status, voting for the former. </p>

<p>Anyway - just for fun, I go to their stats site. OMG. OMG. I knew it was competitive, but for 2007 class it was 15000 applicants for something like 1200 spots! </p>

<p>I went home and took a deep breath and reminded Ds that Emory is really really really really competitive. He seemed to be comfortable with it - he said "I always knew this one was a reach" but wowza. I had NO CLUE! (call me an ostrich but there are only so many discouraging stats I can stand at any one given time). The sad thing is - we know several kids who did ED there (athletes) - and DID get in, whose stats are not as good as DS - but - they were willing to make the commitment. DS was just not sure enough to do ED and I wasn't sure I could afford it (I still don't know how I can if we don't get aid). </p>

<p>Just a vent. UGH!</p>

<p>Vent away!!!! Either way, you'll soon know both whether she was accepted and FA. Seems like she already has good choices. When you say ex-hubby sending tax stuff, is that just for verification or the FAFSA/CSS profile. If it is the latter, he can send you the receipt that it was filled out and processed. If it is the verification copies, you should follow up with the schools to make certain that they received them. Schools typically are good about letting you know what is missing.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Emory requires returns AND CSS. I will say - they did misplace my W-2 -twice. So maybe it isn't ex hubby's fault. (it IS his fault, however, that he makes a buttload of money and refuses to help pay for college but THAT is a whole different vent!).</p>

<p>He does have some good choices- although kind of weird ones - and I know he will be fine. I think he has ruled out Duke but that may be because he thinks he won't get in.</p>

<p>Kitkat...I think there are other threads for that kind of vent. Sorry, I did mean to say he, I get confused when the "DS" is used. Call or send email to find out what they have received and what is missing. You will have a faster response then waiting for them to post on their website. Good luck. Don't count out Duke yet.</p>

<p>What do you mean by the abbreviation CM?</p>

<p>I too have been pretty overwhelmed by the statistics of applications vs. available spots. But part of that has to be that kids are applying to so many schools. Still, it is pretty daunting.</p>

<p>Oh I am sorry - Carnegie Mellon University. </p>

<p>Emory has been very good when I have called. I know they are getting a ton of paperwork in daily so if they misplace something, IMO it is easier for me to re-send it. </p>

<p>Re the other vent (ex hubby) - honestly it is what it is and everything ended up fine with my older son - and it will with this one too, and I know that! The only time it is really an issue is right now - when his numbers get factored in. </p>

<p>Duke posts tonight. #2 son has a soccer game - and I will have to be a good mommy and not go look for him......hahaa! I can't believe I got home yesterday at 7 pm and the little stinker had not gotten the mail yet!</p>

<p>My S is the same way. It seems that everyday I am asking him if he received any email from his schools. His usual response is, "oh, I don't know, I haven't check in a couple of days." He does check the mailbox when he arrives home from school, but if there is nothing there on his way in, he will not check later.</p>



<p>ED and athletes is a completely different kettle of fish from the "non-athlete kid ED", so don't beat yourself up because you feel you may have missed a perceived bump from applying ED.</p>

<p>Well my guy is an athlete too - (same sport, comparable ability to the two that got in) - but he was not ready to go ED and I was a little leary of it because of the financial amounts involved. He would be an asset to the team - not a top recruit but definitely a solid performer so that may help too. </p>

<p>You know - I know some of these schools are "selective" but when you see what that really means....YOWZA!</p>

<p>Just a clarification - When you look at the number of applications vs. the number of openings, remember that schools will accept many more students than they have openings. Many schools have to accept 3-4 times their numbers of openings in order to fill their classes. It is not unusual, even for very selective schools, to only end up with 25-35% of accepted students deciding to attend the school. You want to look at the school's yield rate to find this out. I am not familiar with Emory's yield but they may very well accept over 4000 students to end up with a class of 1200.</p>

<p>shennie....this year may be especially true of what you say because of the record number of applications out there. There are some threads here on CC where students are claiming to have applied to 16, 20 and even 25 schools. I am sure most are not like that (my S applied to 6), but your numbers work even if the average is around 4 schools applied. It is absolutely crazy out there. It would be great to peer into the head of an Adcom, but I do not envy their task.</p>