Clueless when it comes to guys...

<p>Ok, so I'm hoping that someone can give me his or her opinion on this because I really don't know what to think...</p>

<p>Here is the scenario:</p>

<p>A couple of days ago I went to the beach with some friends. There was a guy there who I had a crush on during 9th grade (rising senior now). We went down to the water with one of his friends and one of my friends and he kept splashing me and chasing after me. Eventually he grabbed my waist and tried to pull me into the water with him. Later on, he picked me up and carried me and we both fell into the water. I'm sort of confused, though, because he is always talking to just about everyone around me and never really me. He blushes a lot already, but I feel like whenever I talk or laugh he turns a darker shade of red or his smile tends to be a bit wider.</p>

<p>Does it sound to you like he is interested in me?</p>

<p>It sounds like he likes you but is a little shy.</p>

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<p>caroliney - It seems obvious, from your description, that he does like you, and is probably shy.</p>

<p>^My friends are telling me the same thing. However, he's not really a shy person. I suppose I should assume that the fact that he only seems to act shy around me means something...</p>

<p>By the way, @puggly123 & @BillyMc: Thank you for your replies! :)</p>

He blushes a lot already, but I feel like whenever I talk or laugh he turns a darker shade of red or his smile tends to be a bit wider.


You answered your own question, what's the point of this thread?</p>

<p>link us to your profile pic then we'll tell you whether or not he's interested</p>

<p>in all likelihood, he's interested.
pay attention to how he acts with other girls [some guys are just flirts in general and you wouldn't want to be the one that took it seriously]</p>

<p>otherwise, i'd say go for it.</p>

<p>what was going on in posts five, six, and seven???</p>

<p>There was some hilarious troll, but his posts have gone "mysteriously" missing.</p>

<p>It sounds like he likes you. Guys can be like that, they can be outgoing around everyone but then become shy around someone they like. When I am around a guy I like I actually am more outgoing, but I definitely blush sometimes. I agree with Izzy Busy Bee too about watching what he does around other girls too, good luck:) </p>

<p>^Islander4 I was wondering the same thing lol</p>

<p>So some of the posts got deleted and I felt like I was in the twilight zone reading through the first page of this thread.</p>

<p>He's probably been interested in you too. Maybe he never had the opportunity to know you until then. My guess is that he's looking for an opening since he's kinda shy.</p>

<p>Just go wild around him and shoot signs at him!! Haha jk. He'll ask you out if he's actually interested.</p>