CMC degree

<p>Would a degree from a competitive liberal arts college like claremont mckenna, be sufficient for acceptance to a prestigious graduate business school (like Stanford or Penn)?</p>

<p>yes, absolutely, without a doubt etc. etc.</p>

<p>The Wall Street Journal did a ranking awhile ago, "The Top 50 Feeder Schools" (do an on-line search). Lists the top schools for getting into prestigious business, medical and legal schools. Of course, the top ones are Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford...but then the list gets more varied with both universities and liberal arts colleges, as well as USMA and USNA. And yes, CMC is on the list at #22. Of a recent class size of 271, 10 got into these top graduate schools (3.69%). It is also interesting to check into an individual college's graduating class to see what percentage are going on to graduate schools.</p>

<p>much thanks</p>