<p>There is no minimum or maximum length requirement, but the Admission Committee expects a thoughtful and analytical response to the following:
Analytical Essay Topic
Leadership is a constant theme and emphasis at CMC. In fact, one of the ways we describe CMC students is "Leaders in the Making." Choose someone, fictional or nonfictional, historical or contemporary, whom you consider to be a leader. Suppose you are this person's primary advisor. How would you advise this person and why?</p>

<p>So I'm thinking of choosing Amelia Earhart. If she doesn't have leadership skills then she wouldn't be able to be the first woman to fly the Atlantic, right? She'll just listen to what people say.
But... I don't know what to advice her. The advice should be on leadership, right? She's reckless, but to give her an advice to not be reckless doesn't give her any benefit on leadership. So please help me. What advice relating to leadership can I gave her?</p>