CMC "optional" video?

CMC sends repeated reminders to applicants with information about submitting an “optional” video. Given the intensity of the messaging, it seems that the video is anything but optional. It matters. But what about people who have completed interviews, and especially people who have already interviewed and applied ED? These folks have already demonstrated their genuine interest in the school and/or been assessed in a face-to-face way. Such people still get the generic reminders from CMC to submit an optional video. What do folks think? Does it make sense to submit a video?

Nothing that’s labeled as “optional” is truly optional (unless its about your identity or something that is unrelated to you). I’m not familiar with the CMC video, but it doesn’t sound optional. Most schools will use stuff like this to weed out the lazy students. It makes a ton of sense to submit the video.

CMC sends out so many more messages about the “optional” video than other schools that I’m inclined to agree. Maybe it’s not only about weeding out the less go-getter types (most applicants to CMC are not “lazy”), but having an opportunity to see kids less filtered by parents, editors and college coaches. My guess is that interviews are primarily informational and intended to help weed out the terrible personalities, But admissions officers at CMC might not be comfortable relying completely on an interviewer’s assessment of a reasonable candidate when there are so many of them that have to be compared with each other. Finally, CMC puts a lot of emphasis on leadership, so the ability to do a two minute elevator speech about oneself Is a performative component that complements all of the academics and writing samples. Who knows if these theories are correct, but It does seem like doing a video is advisable under all circumstances.

The video submission deadline was 1/5? I’ll ask mt DD if she got reminder emails. She interviewed in December so she doesn’t have to write an essay (video should answer 1 of the 4 prompts)

wow, so I don’t have to answer all of the four questions?? that wasn’t clear on the cmc website…

It says on the portal:

If you choose to submit a video, it can be no more than two minutes in length. Furthermore, we are not judging it based on production value. A simple video shot from a smartphone is perfectly appropriate. In any way that you choose, please use your video to respond one of the following four prompts:

oops… haha. that was pretty obvious…
thankfully I did the vid answering one prompt

Do the video. It makes a difference. They want to get to know you. I know students that didn’t do it, but by doing it you help them get to know you better and it helps with the holistic review