CMC outranks all the other colleges

<p>When it comes to blatantly lying about it's credentials</p>

<p>As a Pomona student like you (Or you could be a Pitzer student, but Pomona seems more reasonable), I am ashamed to see a post like this. There is no need and no point to belittle CMC and the institution as a whole due to a trivial SAT boost, and as the news says, according to one man. I say we keep the criticism to a stop until A) More evidence is established and B) For reasonable purposes. There is no need to incite hate or anger about one of the finest names in undergraduate education. I am personally supportive of the administration of coming out and announcing the news.</p>

<p>Thank you, LaughLoveLive. As a Pomona parent, I completely agree. Sagehen94, you are out of line.</p>

<p>If either of you actually attended and saw the vitriol which comes from your sons at CMC (not your daughters who are in love with Pomona guys) you would understand why this is so hilarious. Move along please.</p>