CMC/Pomona gpa

I attend a top ten Liberal Arts college in the northeast. I'm not liking it here too much (lack of a strong computer science department mainly) and I'm looking at transferring to CMC or Pomona. I was hoping to do better my first semester, but it's looking like I'll be at a 3.5-3.6 college GPA. My high schools stats were fine, 2120 SAT and like a 4.2 gpa (full AP schedule).
My ECs are fine and I'm a Mexican-American citizen (dual).
I see 3.8+ GPA for transferring to schools that are competitive, but would a 3.5-3.6 be okay, coming from a school of similar caliber? I took a rigorous course load.</p>

<p>Any input/information is appreciated!</p>

<p>(I already did interviews for both schools)</p>