CMC RD 2024

hey guys! are y’all ready for today?

rlly jittery. it was the first college i RD’ed to, all the way back in November. also, are decisions out at 6 PM EST? or 8?

8 pm est, i think, since 5 pm pst!

thank youu - and good luck!!

Is cmc coming out today?

Yes at 5 pm Pacific Time!

to be honest I’m not ready. I’ve been getting waitlisted almost everywhere and it’s incredibly annoying. CMC is too far a reach for me so…

Waitlisted… Going to Vandy anyway

Waitlisted, but I’m not disappointed tbh… I’m assuming they have a very full waitlist because of COVID-19.

Admitted! We are shook!
PPE major

D was Accepted, really didn’t expect it…

3.8 UW/ 4.3W (12+ AP Classes); 31 ACT (Stats are low point)

Super extensive ECs with tons of leadership, music, and sports including Sophomore & Junior Class President, Student Body President, County/State Wide Leadership, All Conference Swimmer (3 sport Athlete/Captain)

Several National Honors including NSLI-Y (Amman, Jordan), BofA Student Leader (interned at CityYear), USSYP Finalist, Coca Cola Semifinalist, US Presidential Scholar Nominee, etc.

Legacy (mom graduated from CMC, Dad graduated from HMC)

D accepted for Econ with 15k merit. Can school champions explain what would make it better than UCLA (30 k a year difference). Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to visit before CV.

accepted for IR w 15k merit/year!! so surprised! stats are in past posts

1550 SAT
4.05 W GPA (1 of 318)
800 SAT II French, 770 SAT II Math 1
18 SAT Essay

Accepted- Tulane (honors and scholarship), Northeastern (scholarship), BC, UConn (honors and scholarship), Clemson (scholarship)
Waitlisted- UNC Chapel Hill
Rejected- Johns Hopkins, WashU St Louis

Rejected with
4.83 GPA
34 ACT (35 superscore)
15 AP Courses, 4 AP test sores of 5, 1 score of 4 (was waitng to take 3 more AP tests next month)
Great feedback from the in person interview.

Guessing what held the student back was one or a combination of factors:

  1. student applied late November, sent an update in February for ECs/Awards, but no phone calls/relationship established with Admissions Director
  2. Student got good feedback on in person interview and did NOT submit a personal Video (‘it was optional’)
  3. Extracurriculars include 2 years roles in award winning musicals, 2 martial arts black belts, a few clubs, NHS, but NO offices held.

Any POV on where the disconnect was?

Obviously no one really knows why a student like yours with such amazing stats wasn’t accepted, but I know CMC really values leadership so maybe the lack of leadership positions hurt. My D did do the optional video, visited campus, met with a professor, and also did an in-person interview with an Admission Office when they were local (and she sent an update in Jan with Awards), so I think that helped. My D is a legacy which I think probably helped given her stats were a little low (but I don’t think legacy is quite as big of a deal at CMC as some places as many of my classmates kids have been rejected over the past few years).

I really would love for her to go to CMC, but as a full pay single-parent (widow) household, it’s tough to pay full freight for CMC when she has some pretty great merit offers on the table (especially given the economic uncertainty right now). It was a life changing experience for me and it’s far and away her first choice, but we’ll have to weigh all the options.

Good luck to your student! I’m sure they’ll end up somewhere amazing!

@oldcmcalum we are in the same boat. I am interested to see where your D ends up!

For what it’s worth, D did not submit the Mid-year update, either (didn’t tell me about it). She had an early Jan tour scheduled, and when I got sick and it became apparent we won’t go visit, she submitted a video and sent a note to her assigned AO explaining visit cancellation.

I was very surprised she got admitted because, not having visited, she doesn’t think much of the school. My colleague recommended it highly and said it would be a great fit, but since it’s so much more expensive than UCLA even with merit aid, I simply don’t see the value. Would anyone here choose CMC over UCLA and why? Thanks!

Hi! I am a current freshman at Claremont McKenna College and very active in the school community. I would love to answer any questions you have and explain why it was the perfect choice for me

Hello! I’m an RD applicant waitlisted at CMC. I know about 13% students got off waitlist last year. Do you know what past waitlist students did that really impressed the admission officers and got them off the waitlist?