CMC supplement essay

<p>In the claremont mckenna supplement they emphasize leadership. For the essay they ask that you identify and discuss someone, fictional or nonfictional, that has helped shape culture and thought. Any ideas?</p>

<p>anyone? i need to hand my stuff in by tomorrow.</p>

<p>Well, you can do nonfictional if there's someone in YOUR life who has inspired you or impacted your life in a considerable way. If you cannot think of anyone, I'm sure a fictional character will be just as good; favorite characters in books, movies, shows?</p>

<p>The deadline to submit the supplemental essay is November 15th. Since CMC accepts online applications, you should have another 6-7 days. I would highly encourage you to make good use of this "extra" week. Being an analytical essay, the supplemental essay is different from the typical application essay: There are no limits of length or subjects. The choice of subject is less important than your execution and understanding of the topic.<br>
The supplemental essay is your best opportunity to showcase your skills, and it represents an extremely important part of the application.</p>

<p>Coincidentally, I had a conversation about this at a newspaper staff dinner tonight. I wrote about Winston Smith in Orwell's 1984. At least two people at my table wrote about Ayn Rand or characters in her books. I'm inclided to agree with xiggi on this one, but it wouldn't hurt to choose someone conservative.</p>

<p>Good luck getting in- it's a great school.</p>