CMU Class of 2025 - Regular Decision

Did anyone receive any physical letter/package in the mail yet?

Yes, it was roughly 2 weeks ago.

I still haven’t received it yet… I got the flag in the mail today though, what should I do?

Not sure mail is so crazy anymore. We are still getting November mail of college recruitment. Could just be slow getting to you. Contact your admissions officer? If it were me I would wait another week or so.

2 weeks ago, Tartan cloth and a large flag last week.

I all W/L has the priority option.

Still haven’t received an acceptance package in the mail lol… way over due

Hey! So I got waitlisted, but in my financial aid offer it says that I got Grant Aid. Does anyone know how common it is to get Grant Aid (significant amount) if waitlisted?

The finance dept and admissions dept make independent decisions in most colleges.

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