CMU Decision Posted, but not Accessible

After I log into the CMU portal and click on “Admission Documents Sent”, “Decision Notification Letter” shows up and is marked as posted for March 27th, 2021. I know this is a shot in the dark, but do you know if this means anything? Is there, perhaps, a way to view the decision early? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Did you happen to get another admissions document called “follow up letter”?

no, i didn’t

Hopefully the director of admissions is on his or her way to hand-deliver the decision to you.



Sorry to say, but based on previous years, getting the “decision notification letter” means you are either waitlisted or rejected.

oh, that sucks. Are there any forums you can point me to for more information?

I honesty don’t know about this year (CMU is known for weird admission occurrences), so keep your hopes up!

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Sorry wrong link

do you know anything about getting a “follow up letter”?

Got Decision letter mentioned in the CMU portal as well. But don’t know what that means

Good news! I emailed cmu, and they said
“Unfortunately, that was a test post to your portal. Decision letters are not yet ready and will be sent at the end of March. They will also be available to view in your portal. “
Not rejected yet!


That decision letter post is now gone for me

ya, me too. I guess it really was just a test post

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