CMU HSS. academically how strong is it?

<p>s wants to study Econ. compare to schools like UofM, NYU, is CMU HSS worth it? is HSS less known only because CMU's engineering overshadowing? we want to understand whether HSS is a good choice academically. any information is appreciated</p>

<p>CMU has an excellent reputation. When I attended at least two of the professors in the Econ department were Nobel Prize Winners that year. I don't know what the situation is now, but you will find that it definitely matches up in terms of job prospects and education. I would advise you to call the school and see if you can speak to a representative there. </p>

<p>On the one hand, Economics at CMU is helped by its strong tie in to Tepper, whereas the colleges at NYU far more segregated. NYU guards their resources jealously. NYU still has a tremendous job network, one of the largest I have seen. CMU has this as well, and I think you would be shocked at the number of employers who come out to the school, aggressively recruiting students.</p>

<p>I wonder how much research you have done on CMU? It has many reputable departments aside from engineering, and many of the employers I've come into contact with know this. Public Policy, History, English, Creative Writing, Drama, Design, Computer Science, Economics, Social and Decision Sciences, Psychology, Philosophy of Science and Architecture are all stellar programs with top notch professors.</p>

<p>I don't know if cost is also an issue--but if it is, expect to pay upwards of 50,000/year for an education at NYU. For many students that price tag is just too much. I don't know much about the University of Michigan, but economics at NYU is still very good. There are lots of different possibilities to consider here, including whether or not your daughter would be interested in minoring in business or design, or who knows what else--that she would find <em>extremely</em> difficult at NYU. UofM might be another story, but again I am not very familiar with that school.</p>

<p>look up "H&SS internal transfer form". you'll see that it's a one page that just states your intention to switch. </p>

<p>if there were internal college ranking HSS is near the bottom half (but within HSS right after IS). </p>

<p>Only advantage of Econ is that it has some connection to Tepper. You can take decent tepper classes without getting yelled at (because I am ECE). </p>