CMU SCS switch

Do you have to apply to SCS or can you be undecided until you’re admitted?

Is switching schools at CMU difficult ex: ece or dc to scs

You have to apply into SCS. If you’re admitted into another school at CMU you can transfer in if you achieve a 3.6 in 6 core classes along with submitting a transfer request.

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Apply to SCS if you want to major in CS at CMU. Transfer to SCS is like another college admission process and your success is far from assured, even if you meet all the technical requirements. You could be rejected for any reason, including the lack of capacities in classes you need to take.

You have to apply to a college. If you want to attend SCS, apply to SCS.

You can apply for a transfer with the minimum 3.6 GPA. There is no assurance you will be successful. In fact, transferring is quite difficult.

My man Brandon states that " If you just want to be a software engineer, or you think that it’s pointless to learn anything that you won’t be able to apply in the Real World, then I would discourage CMU SCS from you"

Then what college/major should a prospective SWE take at CMU? Is there a programming oriented major?