CMU (Tepper) vs NYU (Stern) vs GU (McDonaugh)

<p>I was wondering if I could get some advice from all of you on what school I should enroll in. I was accepted into all three of these Business programs, and I want to study something along the lines of Finance or Financial Engineering. I really don't know which school I should go to because all of them have their own great advantages. What do you guys think in terms of each schools prestige, job placement, and overall education? Thanks!</p>

<p>for Finance, it's Stern all the way can double major in finance + math at stern, that will prepare u for graduate programs in financial engineering</p>


<p>I was accepted at all three last year as well as Emory (for Gouizeta in my junior year). You should look at the financial aid packages, and rank the schools using your own criteria. I ultimately chose Stern, but CMU's Tepper and Emory (Gouizeta) where close behind for me.</p>

<p>If the financial engineering option is what you want, I don't see how the other schools could do better than CMU's Tepper. Tepper is very comparable to Stern, but CMU is much better in Engineering and math, in my opinion.</p>

<p>I agree with quag_mire. If you are major in Finance, there is no better school for that than Stern.</p>

<p>Stern can prepare you for graduate programs in Financial Engineering too....when you're at Stern, you can take classes in NYU's famous Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, which will prepare u for grad programs in Fin. Eng.....the only undergrad program that i know which offers Financial engineering is Columbia....</p>