Cmu Vs. Penn

<p>Hi, guys! I've already posted this in other I go:</p>

<p>I'm trying to decide between Penn and CMU. I'm going into engineering, most likely bioengineering. CMU is closer to home and they are giving me a lot more money...but Penn seems to have the greater atmosphere in terms of social-life and city-life.</p>

<p>Can anyone help me out? ^_^</p>

<p>cmu is not known for bioengineering, i'd definately go with penn</p>


<p>but... if money is a serious issue... then trust me, there is no shame in attending CMU.. lol, they r both amazing schools</p>

<p>express2nyc--are you a cmu student?</p>

<p>lol, your screen name made me think you are going into computer science</p>

<p>CMU SCS vs Penn CS, which one to go? Does CMU SCS #1 matter? How do the employers look at these two?</p>

<p>i dont think you should even compare them. although CMU doesnt have the ivy name, employers know CMU's cs reputation.</p>

<p>For CS? I'd pick CMU over Penn anyday. TWICE.</p>

<p>Yeah, CMU pwns Penn in CS and most areas of engineering.</p>

<p>UPenn's Bioengineering department is highly ranked and well-known. I've heard many positive aspects about CMU's Bioengineering department as well. One downside to BME at Carnegie Mellon is that BME is only offered as a second major option, in addition to another engineering major; in other words, you cannot choose BME as your primary major at CMU.</p>

<p>On the good side, if the BME market ever slumps you'll have a solid major to get a job with:)</p>

<p>red_dragone makes a very good point!</p>

<p>even tho our engineering program is top notch, our BME is not. I wouldnt come her for it even if it was CMU vs. a state school. BME is not even a major we offer here. save yourself the pain and dont come</p>

<p>btw CMU murders ANY ivy in CS</p>

<p>how hard would it be to double major mech e and bme?</p>

<p>I'm a Mech E/BME double major right now and it's a blast! Granted, I'm only a freshman, but I've already gotten a biomechanical internship for this summer and I know my courses helped a lot for my resume!</p>

<p>red_dragone...what courses should i take freshman year to fulfill mech e/bme? i can't find it on the website...</p>

<p>wait never mind i found it! for others interested:
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<p>red_dragone, the courseload looks very intimidating. how are you managing it?</p>

<p>Since I'm a freshman, I'm taking mostly 100 level classes, however, I am on an advanced math track so I'm on 200 level classes in that respect.</p>

<p>The classes I've taken so far have been hard, but fun. None of the assignments or challenges I've been presented with in class have bored me at all and I really enjoy Mechanical Engineering, which I kind of picked spur of the moment in order to pursue BME. I'm really glad now I went here and not other schools that due stand alone BMEs because I know a lot of people who thought they were going to get a job with just a b.s. coming out of college and they've found out t hat wasn't the case. It's just nice knowing no matter what, I can find a good job that I'll enjoy</p>