CMU vs UChicago statistics major

Interested in studying economics and data science. Goal is quant not sure which is better


Have you been accepted to both?

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They are both very good, which makes the choice more difficult.

What are your finances like? Is there a significant difference in cost between them? Would you need to take on any debt to attend either of them?

Why are you deciding this late? Have you committed to one of them, and then gotten into the other off the wait list? Alternately, is this for applications that have not gone in yet as a “rising” senior (ie, to be a high school senior in September)?

Both are very good, but you knew that already.

If your goal is “quant”, the next question is, which part of quant? Are you looking to be:

  • A quant investor? Chicago is better
  • A quant prop trader? Chicago
  • A quant researcher? Toss up
  • A quant software developer? CMU
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This is not obvious to me.
I think Chicago does well with Citadel.
I suspect CMU does well at both Citadel and other places.

I saw somewhere 20% of citadel staff was from cmu

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I wouldn’t be surprised. But Citadel is really Citadel the hedge fund and Citadel (Securities) the market maker. And I think they hire differently, claim to have different cultures etc. Not sure if hiring practices are the same. Certainly their needs are somewhat different.

At UChicago, Statistics, Economics, and Data Science are 3 different majors. However, Economics does have a degree with a specialization in Data Science.

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That’s a blow for Chicago, but Miami is an odd choice. I suspect he will lose a lot of talent.