CMU Waitlist Class of 2025

My DS received a good financial aid (grant) - not sure if this is a clear indicator to get accepted from the waitlist.

Did you receive the financial aid information this week or when college decisions were released.

I received my financial aid offer yesterday, but I believe this is because I sent my verification of household information fairly late.

Hi, has anyone called the admissions office to ask about if they do have openings? It seems like a lot of kids did call last year based on the thread. Curious to know if they will provide any responses. Thanks!

I’d personally wait until 5/10 before doing so


Received it when college decisions were released.

Why? I thought they will release all priority decisions by 5/10 as it says on their website.

Sorry, I have just seen they edited it!

Did you guys’ portals get changed? like there used to be a green bar said sth. like “now I am waitlisted…” and now this bar disappears…

yea mien too.

What was the edit you have seen?

When I log in I no longer see the result or the waitlist info

by no longer “see the result”, do you mean you no longer see the admissions waitlist letter? I can’t see the admission result any longer, as well. just the list of docs that were submitted. Odd.

Does that mean the results are coming?

Did anyone else get the financial aid package twice? I got it two times with the second package saying “REVISED” but there was not even a penny of change…

I think I got mine twice as well (it was in a smaller typical envelope rather than that giant folder thing) but nothing was changed on it.

I would think that’s what it means

My financial aid offer letter has completely disappeared?

Uhhh I think mine did too. What does that mean?