CMU Waitlist Class of 2025

Curious. Trying to gauge #'s for each school’s waitlist. What’s your major?

are you guys doing priority if you’re on other waitlists too?

Might do priority. No downside. Not sure if the waitlist will move though, especially with SCS. I’ll put myself on the list though.

do you guys think dietrich will have openings?

This is my only waitlist school. It’s either CMU from the waitlist or almost free ride from Lehigh :woman_shrugging:t3:
Can’t hurt you to do priority. So I would do it

when do we hear about waitlist? may 1st week?

They said May 9th for Priority and June 3rd for regular

(Asian Indian male) Applied to SCS with 4.51 gpa, 1540 sat, national merit scholar and tons of good ECs. on priority waitlist. CMU is my dream school. but i know my chances to get off the waitlist is very slim if any :frowning:

For international student ,IOI medalist ,how much chance to get off priority waiting list ?