<p>Does anyone know why Carnegie Mellon requires sending ALL test scores from ALL test dates? I didn't send any of the free reports and don't want to waste the money on sending my SAT report and multiple ACT reports.</p>

<p>Because it is among a number of colleges with prima donnas in control of admissions who threw a two-year-old like tantrum when the College Board said it was going to score choice and decided that the way to show their anger with the College Board was to punish students by making them submit and pay for sending all scores. Those colleges offer other BS, non-sensical reasons for requiring all scores but don't believe them. In fact, if you read the reasons they give you will find those colleges all saying essentially, and often exactly the same thing when providing their BS reason, indicating they got together to concoct their BS reason.</p>

<p>Nevertheless you have some relief from Carnegie. You can send SAT and SAT IIs and not send any ACTs even if you took the ACT. However, if you send ACT you must send all of them.</p>