CNU Early Action 2025

Looking to connect with others who applied EA and a place for EA decisions.

D applied EA as well. Good luck to you!

Any decision for you yet? Any idea when they come out?

Decisions come out January 15- typically through snail mail. So it might be delayed with how mail has been.

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DD applied EA as well. Already in at UMW and is leaning towards going there but waiting to hear from CNU before she commits. I could see her happy at either one.

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DS applied EA as well. Anxiously awaiting a decision.

Anyone else get a card promoting that their child apply to the PLP recently? Wondering if that’s a good indication of what is to come next week or just typical marketing. D21 got one yesterday.

What is PLP?

My son received the PLP postcard a few days ago, but he hasn’t even applied to the school. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

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PLP - Presidential Leadership Program.

Thanks for the response. Won’t read anything into it as it was probably just mass mailing.

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Yes, DS received a PLP postcard as well last week.

I have a feeling some may not know until the end of the month. Mail is way behind due to corona and Christmas. One of my friends send me a Christmas card before Christmas and it just got here yesterday :flushed: I even sent something and paid for 2 day shipping but still arrived a week later. I hate how they don’t post the decisions on the portal. Also my portal changed from “ready to review application” to “Decision Made”. Don’t know about anyone else :slight_smile:


D also has “decision made” on her portal. I am hopeful on the 15th it will actually show the decision. Mail is still slow.

Good luck to all- we aren’t going to be home next week, so even if mail is on time, she is not going to know!

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I saw that some people were able to go to the “admitted students” website and try to make an account to see if they were accepted or not beforehand. Not 100% positive if it works though

Same status update in the portal for my D. Also, our mail (in NoVa) has been extremely slow the past few weeks. Some local letters come within a day or two and other items (bills, Xmas cards from out of town, etc) take an extra week or so to arrive.

She hasn’t attempted to make an account on the admitted students page (seems like bad luck to do so doesn’t want to try). She’ll just wait for the mail.

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My DS has decided to wait as well. Our mail has also been slow so I’m thinking it might take an extra week or so to get to us.

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Has anyone received anything ??

nothing here in PA

Just got EA acceptance in the mail!


same. just got acceptance in mail!