CNU Honors Program: Minimum SAT

My daughter applied Early Action to CNU’s Honors Program and is anxiously waiting to hear the results. She has a 4.26 GPA, but her SAT score is 1300. The CNU website said 1310 was the minimum SAT score for the Honors Program. Is this a strict rule? I’d like to hear from anyone who was admitted with a 1300 or lower SAT. Thanks!

@vafamily we had an admissions representative come to our school and she told us that they are very strict about 1310 and don’t look at applications below it. It is possible thought that with a score that close she would still get in. Good luck!

Oh what a bummer @vafamily Hopefully being right on the cusp they’ll consider her. I guess mine just barely made it with a 1320. Fingers crossed for our girls? I’m very much looking forward to all decisions being in so she can really focus and consider all of her actual options.