co-ed rooming

<p>i know there is rarely ASSIGNED co-ed roomates, but what says you are forced to stay in your dorm room?</p>

<p>cant you switch with one from a pair of girl roomates (unofficially) and so it would be a co-ed roomate?</p>

<p>Certain Underclassmen dorms have restrictions on when opposite gender people can visit, other than those type dorms, it is entirely possible if you can find a pair of hot chicks to do it.</p>

<p>Back in the stone ages, the girl's dorm was off limits after 8 pm, but the guy's dorm had 24 hour access, so girls could "visit" guys anytime day or night. And this was at a Jesuit Catholic university. </p>

<p>Of course, everything is out in the open now days. RAs probably don't even bother to make room checks anymore, unless your room is particularly noisy or smelly from illegal smoking or cooking.</p>

<p>illegal cooking eh? hahaha..
joev: nice. that sounds like a good plan</p>

<p>Swarthmore allows coed dorms.</p>

<p>do you really think if you had a roommate of the opposite sex you would end up like having sex 5 times a day?</p>

<p>sounds like very wishful thinking to me...</p>

<p>besides, girls bring tons of crap to school with them =P</p>

<p>Hypothetically you can do it, but if the school finds out, you'd get in trouble.</p>

<p>seriously... unless its ur gf i dont think you want to be living with a girl... trust me, it wont help u get any play... probably do more to prevent you from getting any</p>

<p>uhh that wasnt what i was thinking of at all.
just thought it would be nice to room with your girlfriend. but i dont know. maybe distance = better.. haha</p>

<p>When I did a stay-over at UCI, my host and her boyfriend slept in the same bed. There didn't seem to be a problem.</p>

<p>lol...if you room with a girl and start having sex....and then you all find out you aren't really compatible...yeah it could get'll have to beg your former roommate to take you i DOUBT that's the reason anyone would wanna live with the opposite sex....personally for me....i'd have loved to live with a girl....preferably pretty just for a piece of eye candy :p...but i get along better with girls...if i'm not datin em.....guys get on my nerves sometimes...and girls keep you in check and make sure you keep the room clean so it does come with advantages</p>

<p>I feel the same way. It would (for me) be nice to live with a girl becuase I often get along better with girls and it would be nice to have someone to look at :). There would most definately have to be something about them though that made me not romantically interested otherwise I might go crazy. I really wouldnt have a problem changing my clothing or anything either...</p>

<p>Oh well, I will have girls in many of the surrounding rooms so its not really a big deal.</p>

<p>Sometimes when you're actually LIVING with your gf/bf, you get on each other's nerves more. Time apart can be a good can sleep over if it's ok with your roomate, but living together? not a good idea</p>

<p>even dating someone on your floor can be very awkward after you break up...</p>

<p>why would you get in trouble for havin sex? co-ed is good since you can have sex 5 days a week. and you could get a new girl roommate everyyear. that would make college alot more rewarding.</p>

<p>^^^coming from the person making crazy arguments for NOT DORMING...</p>

<p>First of all, you wouldnt get in trouble for having sex, the trouble would come when that person decides they no longer like you so much. Then it becomes a bad situation to be living with the person.</p>

<p>There are 7 days a week last time I checked...</p>

<p>Just because they put the girl in your room doesnt mean she is going to like would be more likely that you woudl get 4 girl roommates who dont touch you.</p>

<p>rofl :p</p>

<p>seriously though, I think that most girls will be put off by guys' living habits so I think you need to get your head out of that sex-5-days-a-week cloud</p>

<p>it would be worth it to dorm if you can pick what girls you want in your dorm. if you could get your girlfriend or something, sex 5 days a week is possible.</p>

<p>wow why is it always about sex hm</p>

sex 5 days a week is possible


<p>Hate to burst your bubble, but its not going to happen ;)</p>

<p>I know kids that live together in houses (the "college marriage" thing), people who are engaged, and a friend of mine from HS just got married. It doesn't matter how close you're sleeping you're never going to talk anyone into an everyday type thing for an extended period of time (and you probably wouldn't want to anyhow).</p>

<p>...and girls bring a lot more to a living situation than their physical things (and ability to have sex with you). Trust me, you'll end up in some bad situations that you never would have if you had a male roommate (college girls have an incredibly large propensity for drama!).</p>

<p>ummmmm.....all girls have a very large propensity for</p>

<p>and 5 days a week.....let's see....condoms are 80 percent efficient...can you say pregnancy? :)...not too fun when you're in college i'd'll just take away the excitement of sex.........and most girls have enough propriety to keep sex at a minimum and not come off as some nympho hoe</p>