Co-op programs at UCB>

<p>I read something on google saying that UCB is shutting down it's co-op program due to lack of fundings. How important is the co-op program, and will you be able to intern without the help from the university. BTW, i m doing eecs</p>

<p>which end of EECS? Electrical Eng? Computer Science? I know that you can get internships in Computer Science w/o Berkeley, though I don't know about difficulty, I just know they exist (NVidia has one, Microsoft has one I think). Electrical Engineering I assume would be the same, but I don't know any specifics. Anybody who's actually done an internship in either want to help out?</p>


<p>i haven't decide which end of eecs cuz i m still deciding if i should go to berk. Want to help out?</p>

arent those the hippy houses that people share all the work and the housing is cheaper?
that wouldnt affect much of anyhting that u is really vital to your circumstance</p>

<p>no! cooperative program, it's like an internship kind of thing</p>