Co-ro Oh No!

<p>I really feel like I was shafted by Res Life. I am living on Newton this year even though I wanted Upper and now I am very likely headed to College Road! I didn’t get an 8, 4, or 9 man. Basically, I just wanted to hear from some past or current students who live or lived on College Road. How was it? Which Dorm is the best (Welch, Roncalli, Williams)? Pros and cons? Should I take a double, triple, quad? And what happens if I am lucky enough to get a high enough pick where there are some rooms left in 66; should I take a room there or should I still take College Road because mostly everyone else will be up there? I know I am a little bitter but maybe some good news will cheer me up. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>well considering the pick was yesterday, advice cant help much now. ive heard roncalli is the best, or at least thats what everyone wants to be in if theyre stuck on coro. i would DEFINETLY live in 66 if that was an option, who cares who else is there, its on lower.</p>

<p>thank god i was not shafted by reslife this time. i didnt pick newton but i got stuck there anyway. at least theres justice now that im in a walsh 8 man =)</p>

<p>A LOT of people i know are stuck on coro, lots and lots from newton. it wont be all that bad. id say the worst part is eating at mcelroy. if you hate that youre going to live on coro that much then you could always look for off-campus. theyll probably be dumps, but i know a couple of groups who are doing that because theyd rather be there than coro</p>

<p>D was supposed to be on College Road her sophmore year, but during the summer they got a last minute opening in Vanderslice and jumped at it! You never know what will happen!!</p>

<p>Seems to be a problem for all. My D (09) is in Voute next year, but she said there are many 09s who are stuck with Edmonds, and they are unhappy. They probably bumped upcoming Juniors - putting more of them in Walsh- and they are bumping the upcoming sophs, putting more of you on College Road.</p>

<p>and at least you can be happy that youre not living on upper. ive heard from A LOT of places that theyre putting sophmores in gonzaga or the top floor of CLXF. now THAT would suck.. at least coro youre closer to mcelroy without as many stairs</p>

<p>what is so bad about college road? from what i can see on the campus map it is right next to upper campus? Does it have a bad reputation or are the upper dorms just better quality?</p>

<p>many people don't want to be on co-ro because those are where the doubles are. After freshman year, rising sophomores have the option of getting an 8 man suite, a 6 man suite, or a 4 man suite. The suites are usually preferred over the doubles on college road. The rooms on college road aren't bad, but they aren't suites. I suppose that's why it's so hated around here.</p>

<p>Calm down!! The same thing happened to my son (BC '04) and he threatened to transfer, etc. He felt that he should have been given some sort of preference since he had been on Newton- and I agree. However, he and a group of 8-10 guys blocked a series of rooms, and all lived together on College Road. He had a great year and loved the fact that he could just roll out of bed and get to class quickly. He was a business major and everything was close for him. It all worked out in the end.
I do think that BC needs to do something about Newton. It is a huge inconvenience for the students, so they really should be given a priority for sophomore housing. My d has been accepted to BC honors for next year, and the prospect of Newton may be the deal breaker for her. She loves the school-feels so comfortable there because of sibling- but also knows what a pain being on Newton is. Her brother told her that Newton should not be a deciding factor, but I feel it may be, given her other choices.
I think far too much time is spent on housing at BC --the administration really needs to address the fairness of the system. It really is the only negative about the school from my prospective. We love BC at our house!</p>

<p>The sophomores who are on upper will all be moved down by the end of the summer - it happens every year, and as people who decide not to live on campus move off during the summer, spots open up, and people move down to lower, opening up spots on coro so the sophomores get housing.</p>

<p>Housing doesn't like to put sophomores with freshman, unless they ask to be up there, because they feel like it would be a risk - at least thats what the housing guy said at a meeting I went to freshman year.</p>

<p>In my own opinion, except for MacElroy, Coro rooms are nicer than suites on lower. The sophomore suites have kind of a jail-like feel, with bad lighting and cramped bedrooms. The private bathrooms are nice, but then you have to clean them. And I miss the closet space, shelving, and high lofted beds of traditional dorms at BC - they made it way easier to store everything. That being said, everyone has complaints about where they live, whether its coro or lower, but there are also good things about both.</p>