Coaches Notification?

<p>Has anybody had a coach give them any insight to their decision recently? I know NESCAC specifically says that only the admissions office can offer acceptance, but has any coaches given anybody any indication?</p>

<p>The coach I was in touch with told me that he would give me one of his (two) spots to voach for me in admissions, as long as I was dedicated to coming to Midd. I took that as a very, very good sign, since he doesn't want to waste a spot on someone who gets in and doesn't come. He also said my app looked great.</p>

<p>Similar to BurntOut here. I was offerred a slot ED, turned it down, but he still put in a recommendation RD...and he's only told me that my application is good and he's optimistic. The NESCAC athletic recruiting process is definitely more buttoned-up than at DI schools, so the coaches probably find out when you do, or soon beforehand. However, if you're given a slot, the coach has almost definitely requested a "read" from the admissions office, asking if you are a strong candidate and worth giving a slot to. So if you're through that hoop, you've got good odds. Unfortunately, we still have to wait though...</p>