Coach's recommendation

<p>How much of an advantage does a coach's recommendation help to get into a top d.III school?</p>

<p>Depends where you are on his list and how important the sport is (revenue?). Coaches will usually be very honest in terms of how much they can/will help you and whether your stats will pass the admissions committee.</p>

<p>Im getting the average GPA for the school and the SAT scores will be higher than average. I could also get a recommendation for two sports.</p>

<p>Very few are recruitable in 2 sports. Talk to both coaches and see what they can promise you.</p>

<p>search on the parents forum and you'll find more since a number of parents have children that were recruited athletes. But keep in mind that coaches get a certain number of "tips". If they use one on you then it really helps, otherwise its not going to be much of a factor.</p>

<p>I can see that there could be some confusion here, depending on whether the OP is talking about recommendations from a HS coach vs. being recruited by the college coach. In my opinion, HS coach...not so helpful, college coach...potentially huge, depending on school.</p>

<p>few dIII coaches have a big recruiting budget and they are often happy for some help extending their reach, assuming you are really good. but to earn a tip from the college coach, you need to package yourself for a sell outside the application process- letters from HS coaches are essential, plus some competition and skill display video. if it's not practical for you to visit the school, contact the (college) coach and ask if he has any friends in your area who could give you a look over.</p>