Coalition App or School's Own App? Advantages due to more space to describe activities?

DS is applying to a school that uses either the Coalition App or it’s own school app. He had already filled in the whole school app and he was about ready to submit it, but there is very little space to describe activities - literally just a 60 character ‘organization name’ and a 50 character ‘leadership position’ for each activity. No description. No space to upload a resume, or additional information(like the Common App). So he went to check the coalition app, to see if it is any different, and it has a whopping 255 characters for Activity Descriptions!

How does the school compare applications from these two different platforms? Do they just not look at the Activity Descriptions from the Coalition App? If they do look at them, it seems like it’d be a huge advantage to use the Coalition App.

I’m thinking he needs to go and fill in the whole Coalition App now just to apply to this one school(all his other schools use Common App). His activities are pretty unique and certainly would benefit from some descriptions.

Or maybe the school would not even look at the descriptions? I don’t see how else it would be fair.

I’m going to contact the school and ask, but I thought I’d ask here as well to see what you all think!


It would help to know the college.

Rutgers for Engineering & the Honors College. There is no separate application for the Honors College, so this is it!

Thanks. I’m not familiar with the Rutgers process, so I will move this thread to that forum in the hope that someone there knows.

Anyone found any answers to this? I would appreciate that.