Cobb, Connected LLC

<p>Hi, my sister will be staying at Cobb next year at the Connected LLC. </p>

<p>Does anyone know anything about this particular LLC? Is it fun? Is it more social than typical North campus dorms? How are the rooms? </p>

<p>Anything you can offer is helpful. Thanks =]</p>

<p>We talked about this a bit on page 2... A thread about dorms and that particular LLC...</p>

<p>Hi there! </p>

<p>I did the CLP my freshman year and I absolutely loved it. I'm actually going to be a mentor in the fall for the eco-art project. Cobb is a great dorm as far as the rooms and the amenities. It has a great basement with study rooms and game rooms and a great lobby that sort of is like the CLP hang out. Cobb typically gets pegged to be the boring dorm because it has a high population of honors students that spend their time studying, but the first floor (where the LLC is) is very social. It is truly a community. I had so much fun doing it and I know a lot of the group leaders next year and they are really great people. What project is your sister doing?</p>

<p>Hey! I don't know anything about the LLC, but I just got home from CTOPS last night, and we spent the night in Cobb.</p>

<p>The rooms are ok, not impressive, but they're pretty standard for a dorm room. Each roommate has a small closet and there is a thermostat in each room. It is hall-style and there are 2 (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) bathrooms on each floor. The dorm is same-sex by floor.</p>


<p>Could you talk about the expectations and responsibilities of the CLP. Also, how much time does it require? Do you have regular meetings?</p>


<p>Sure! </p>

<p>Each group is required to have a weekly meeting that can be anywhere from 5 minutes or up to an hour or two depending on what needs to be discussed. Each group also has to host an in-community night, which is just like a CLP get-together where one group teaches the rest about their project, and you're supposed to attend all of them, so that's like an hour once a month. The time commitment really depends on the specific group though... for example, last year there was a group that hosted a swing dance and a softball tournament- they spent a lot more time planning and organizing their events than my group did, which wrote a blog about student life. Overall, it isn't anything you shouldn't be able to handle, and if you can't make a meeting or something, it isn't the end of the world... CLP understands we're busy college students and it's hard to juggle everything sometimes. </p>

<p>hibiscuslc's comments are mostly right... it is a dorm, not a palace, but it is one of if not the nicest dorms on campus. You can look at the room dimensions and some pictures online. The rooms are a lot bigger if you and your roommate loft or bunk your beds, which almost everyone does. Then you can fit a futon and some extra things in the room. Most rooms are made for two people, but there are four 3-person rooms on each wing. I was in a randomly-assigned triple room last year and I loved it. The rooms are huge and my roommates and I had so much fun together, even though we weren't expecting to live with two other people. There are two bathrooms on each wing of the floor, so on the first floor where CLP is there are two on the girl's side and two on the guy's side as well as two public ones in the lobby. Each bathroom has about 5 stalls, 6 sinks, and 3-5 showers. I never had a bathroom conflict where I wanted to shower and they were all full like you'll find in suite-style dorms.</p>