cocaine use

<p>I have heard there is a large cocaine problem at Fairfield, probably due to the fact that a large segment of the Fairfield student body come from a wealthy demographic. Has anyone else had experience of this? My child is a rising senior and is dismayed about this problem as it seems so prevalent.</p>

<p>I think it's everywhere and kids who are interested gravitate towards it -- beer, pot, coke.... Different problems at different schools depending on the demographics. Your daughter can avoid the ugly scenes wherever she chooses to go to school. </p>

<p>I heard of a girl who dropped out of Bucknell after 2 weeks b/c of all the excessive drinking & partying. She jumped into stay at home college for the 1st & 2nd semester & then soph yr transferred to another elite large University also know for a huge party scene but this time around she wasn't intimidated by it. And found like minded kids to hang & study with. </p>

<p>Fairfield does have a lot of kids who like to pary but I heard the University is very strict but it still goes on... Such is college.</p>