Cockrell 2025

Hi, I’m a senior and I finished my UT app yesterday and got my auto acceptance today. I’m applying for ChemE but I’m really nervous because I know so many people don’t get first choice majors. Do I have a shot? I’m worried because I have no STEM ECs whatsoever.

Rank: <1% in class of 600+
SAT: 1570 (800M, 770RW)
SAT II: 800 Math II, 720 BioM- i was gunna take phys&chem but covid happened
Classes- everything PAP or AP, have taken/taking every math & sci AP class except APES, 12ish AP classes total, As in everything
Debate (3 leadership positions)
Internships in a political startup, accounting firm, youth civic engagement thing
Math, Science (leadership), English, Spanish Honor society and NHS (leadership)
ER Medic shadow
Animal shelter volunteer (100 hrs)
local minority abuse/violence shelter volunteer (40 hrs)
random volunteer hours and tutoring for many things, mostly honor societies

Essays & supplements : I have no idea if they’re good, I put a lot of time and effort into them and the people who’ve read them say they’re decent? not sure

As you can see, there’s no engineering/STEM things on that list which is why Im worried. I got into TAMU engineering though so I have something on my side? Should I have hope for UT?

Cockrell is hard to get into but I think you have a great shot. My son is a current Sophmore and he had very similar stats and resume (in fact I think yours is a bit stronger), but like you did not have STEM extracurriculars. Good luck!

Thank you so much! funny story, i was accepted for engineering exactly a month after i posted this. strange how admissions work!

Congratulations! Getting into Cockrell is no small feat. Hook 'em!