Cockrell vs McCombs

D interested in pursuing CS and Business. Since SAT stats are not that great and not in top 10% to get into CSB program ,wants to pursue MIS(McCombs) or CS(Cockrell) with Business minor. Which school does she stand a better chance.
Took college level Math Physics and CS classes and 3.92 GPA and leadership positions.

Getting admitted to the university alone will be a long shot as she’s not auto admit and doesn’t have strong test scores. Both majors are going to be even more competitive. Pick the one she likes best as I don’t think her odds are good for either; both are equally unlikely.

First of all the person above me rude as hell for no reason.

I applied to UT as an out of state applicant as a Bio Major
Comp sci is NOT in cockrell it is in College of Natural Sciences - CNS (which is where Bio Major is too)

Cockrell is school of engineering and is actually harder to get into than CNS. So theres the first sigh of relief haha
Yea all of us have wondered why CS isnt in Cockrell - we really don’t know

Another tip I’ll give is - apply to an easier major in CNS and then once you get accepted into CNS, do an internal major transfer to CS later on.

My stats were very similar to your daughters and again I was OOS !!

My advice to you is to get 5 letters of rec, submit as many extra info you can flaunting her achievements . For example, I sent in a paper on Nature Vs Nurture and Gender inequality, and also a research paper on Genetics. I also sent in 5 recs.

Literally any research paper or anything that shows that she is capable of critical analysis and shows effort !! submit these as supplemental info (certificates, awards anything at all)

Also send in a letter of interest - a letter that basically tells them how much you love them and that you are interested in their program

Get into the CS program and do a minor in McCombs

bealsanj, really appreciate sharing your positive experience and the recommendations.I see some light here.