Cockroach in my cereal.

<p>Seriously Tulane has GOT to get a handle on the infestations in bruff.</p>

<p>I've seen them wandering around before in bruff, but this is a first. I'm about to take my first bite. Up pops a cockroach out of my recees peices cereal.</p>

<p>Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. I'm actually editing my meal plan first thing in the morning to take bruff out. It's just not acceptable.</p>

<p>The manager who took the bowl from me screamed once he realized a cockroach was in it. He had a phobia. Then another manager dumped out the cereal. A refund would have been nice. :(</p>

<p>i don't think i will mention that</p>

<p>Is bruff a dining hall?</p>

<p>g30rg3, yes. Bruff Commons is Tulane's dining hall.</p>

<p>Maybe they are just trying to introduce international cuisine.</p>

<p>Haha, cute fallenchemist!</p>

<p>Yes, Bruff is a dining hall. Apparently it have five or so severe health violations over the summer, including cockroach and rat infestation, storing of chemicals near food, and not disposing of pre-made food. </p>

<p>I love Tulane but Bruff always has been and it looks like it always will be the "bad" part of freshman year, until you can get out of it. They've done wonders with expanding food offerings and making it healthy, but at least there weren't roaches when I was a freshman...</p>


<p>I can't resist chiming in on the Bruff discussion. Students are required to sign on for Bruff for two years. However, from what I have heard from my DD and her friends, they rarely stomach the food there. Rather, they pay for meals at the LBC or, to my chagrin, order takeout from the hundred restaurants that deliver on campus. IMHO Tulane is remiss in updating their food service and offering more than one place to eat. I have visited a dozen universities of the same size and ilk and they all have far superior quality and choices of food service. Also, PJ's is a gold mine--charging 3 to 5 dollars for the coffee products these students seem to thrive on and need a couple of times a day. That adds up quickly. They are not allowed to take anything, even a cup of coffee, out of Bruff. My D would much prefer not paying for Bruff and then using the money to budget herself at LBC and the areas restaurants. Isgh, at least next year, when she is living off campus, she will be able to cook and fetch food as she pleases, and not waste 2K on a food service contract that is unused.</p>

<p>Onceburnt, while I am not a fan of Bruff, some of that is untrue. They do not allow you to load your backpack up with groceries for the week, but I never leave Bruff without an apple or banana, and a cup of coffee in hand; I haven't been stopped once. I haven't paid for coffee at Tulane in weeks, because Bruff always has disposable cups next to the coffee for students to take to go (and it really is pretty decent coffee most of the time.)
Personally, I don't think Bruff food is bad (for the most part). It's really just the lack of variety that gets to you. When the specialty dishes aren't particularly appetizing (which can be more than half the time), you can always count on decent pizza, burgers, pasta, and salad. Not a great variety, but it's a school dining hall, and I've seen much worse.</p>