CoE Freshman Classes

<p>Hi im a incoming freshman at berkeley in college of engineering.
im planning on doing civil engineering.
please help me with my schedule questions :]</p>

<li><p>does it matter which order i take chem1a/physics 7a and e10/e7?</p></li>
<li><p>how do you know which level of language class to take? do they give placement tests or something like that?</p></li>

<p>thanks :]</p>

<p>Try posting this in the actual Cal forum instead of Berkeley 2014. Since everyone in 2014 are freshmen, I don't think we'd know too much in order to help :P Better to ask those who've been through it! :]</p>

<p>o you're right. thanks</p>

<h2>...I'm a bored sophomore.</h2>

<p>1) No. I don't know that I'd recommend taking e7, 1A, and 7A in the same semester, though; two at once with relatively easy stuff on the side (i.e. not Math 1B) would be doable, but all three could overload you just with the coursework.
2) ...I haven't a clue, sorry.</p>