CoE Freshman Classes

<p>Hi im a incoming freshman at berkeley in college of engineering.
im planning on doing civil engineering.
please help me with my schedule</p>

<p>im planning on taking these classes fall of '10</p>

<p>e10, math1a, physics 7a, civil engin seminar, some chinese class</p>

<p>are there anything to watch out for?</p>

<p>whats the difference between lecture/discussion/lab/vol.?</p>

<p>and how do you know which level of a language class to take? do they give placement tests? </p>

<p>thanks :]</p>

<p>also, what does ext mean?
for ex. math 1a ext 313?</p>

<p>The Vol section, I'm told, is a voluntary review session organized by the GSIs. You should go to it, because most people won't and you'll likely wind up ahead from the extra attention.</p>

<p>E10 and 7A: see my comments here:
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<p>Don't get lazy in Math 1A, and if you can possibly skip the 1A/1B set entirely, do it. If you can't skip, work extremely hard for both of them.</p>

<p>Oh, and:
Lecture: The actual lecture. You go in, professor speaks, you listen and usually take notes.
Discussion: Smaller class, support for the lecture. GSI goes over material from the lectures, the homework, etc.. Do not miss these unless you feel as though they're actually hurting your ability to comprehend the work (e.g. if your GSI can barely speak English).
Lab: ...well, labs. You go into a room outfitted for the relevant lab work, and conduct an experiment. Physics labs are easy and quick. Chem labs are long and make up a major part of your grade and the workload. Cant comment on Bio etc..</p>

<p>Dunno what the ext means.</p>

<p>ok thanks :]</p>