Coed apps up over 100%

<p>Nearly 25% from men</p>

<p>oh my god......
that low</p>

<p>They were only looking for 25-30 men this year. They want to phase it in as they have to remodel rooms etc. That means over 250 men applied.</p>

<p>i got in</p>

<p>i am a chinese!!!!!!!</p>

<p>anyone could tell me more about RMWC?</p>

<p>Very good small liberal arts college. Going coed this year--was all female.</p>

<p>be more specific plz!</p>

<p>like is the dorm?i know its ranked really high in Priceton's "dorms like palace"
2.the food?
3. the on-campus social life?
4. the school-town relation
5. most popular major/the strongest major!</p>

<p>thx a lot</p>

<p>I never went there so I can only comment on things I have heard locally. On campus social life seems pretty quiet. I think adding men to the mix will change that. Relations between school and town are very supportive. The school is in a nicer part of town with a few shops, restaurants, bank and post office nearby. A car would be nice. I think biosciences and languages are very popular--lots of year abroad programs.</p>

<p>i'm going there this fall as well. from what my admissions counselor and a student who gave me a call said, the dorms are awesome, the food isn't bad, everyone's really nice, and most people go to hampden-sydney, the all-men's school, to party...they also said that the classes are difficult and that rmwc is the antithesis of liberty college, jerry falwell's institution</p>

<p>lovely to meet you, kupeydoll16. Hope we could meet on campus this fall. But i am now quite upset about my Visa issue since the deadly attack happened in Virginia Tech and rumor has it that a Chinese man did it. I am afraid it may affect my visa post if the rumor turns out to be reality.</p>

<p>The killer was Korean--not Chinese. I certainly hope that would not impact your visa.</p>