Coed floor vs Single-Sex Floor

Hello! I’m an incoming freshman. I was wondering if any current or past students could give some insights between the similarities and differences between co-ed and single-sex floors? I chose single-sex because I assumed it’d be quieter, calmer. While I am not against having fun with friends, I don’t like partying and want to avoid it as much as possible, as well as alcohol and etc. Not judgmental, just not my thing! Anyway, can anyone give some insight, please? I’m a guy, by the way.

My son lived on a single sex floor in a dorm his freshman year. I believe he didn’t choose a preference. His dorm was in the Complex, which was across the street from the business school (where he took accounting classes) and the library where he studied. There was also no construction (not an issue anymore) issues in that location. Unlike state schools, I don’t believe any of Emory’s freshmen dorms can be described as “rowdy”, but you shouldn’t expect any of them to be sedate either. If you haven’t found a roommate online who shares your preference for a quiet room, you should draw that to the attention of housing on your housing questionnaire. I will always believe the most important thing is finding a good roommate. Good luck!

I’m currently a first-year at Emory. Living on a co-ed or single-sex floor won’t cause less or more partying. Choosing a single-sex floor will decrease your options of where you can live as only Dobbs, Alabama, and Complex are single-sex floors. The rest are co-ed and more recently built/renovated. I chose a single-sex floor, and Emory gives preference to those over what dorm theme best matches you. My advice would be to pick single-sex if you’re not comfortable living on the same floor as girls(some of the co-ed dorms have co-ed/gender-neutral bathrooms and some have single-sex). If anyone does get too noisy, that’s what the RA on-call is for. I had a few issues with people being loud, but for the most part students at Emory are serious and were quiet on the weekdays.

I don’t go to Emory but I’ve lived in both co-Ed and single sex housing at my college. They will probably be equal in terms of how rowdy they are. People will party and be loud in either one.
Co-Ed dorms are nice because you’ll get to interact with girls a lot more frequently, meaning more opportunity to make friends. But that can Get overwhelming sometimes because there are always girls everywhere.
On the other hand, all guys dorms are nice, since it’s all dudes it’s a lot more chill and people let their guard down more. You can walk around in your underwear and it won’t matter lol, and it’s generally more lax. But you won’t get to interact with girls as much.
Both have upsides in terms of socializing, but there will be parties and alcohol in either one. Hope that helps