Coffee "Brand" Preferences

<p>S and I both recently started drinking a cup of coffee on a "regular" basis - a few times a week. Need some advice on brands and likes/dislikes.</p>

<p>Neither of us wants an especially strong cup of coffee. We will both add a little sweetner and "creamer" (mostly just skim milk).</p>

<p>I suppose we can make any coffee weaker since we don't like it strong, but wondering if there are some brands that are just more mellow in flavor.</p>

<p>(BTW, wow coffee has gotten expensive!!!!)</p>

<p>I have bought a couple of flavored coffees (a local specialty store has the beans and you can grind before you purchase) Have liked the Creme Brulee flavor and yesterday bought Blueberry Crumble :). </p>

<p>Recommendations for store brands???? I think I've heard that Starbucks is more potent in taste. I've heard that Dunkin Donuts is terrific. So many brands feels like I shouldn't settle for plain old Maxwell House!!!</p>

<p>Eight O'Clock is a supermarket brand that seems to get good reviews, though I haven't tried it. People say good things about Dunkin Donuts but I didn't care for the one bag I bought a few years ago. Coffee is a highly individual taste. I'm currently brewing Cameron's French Roast (whole bean) and like that a lot. Smooth for a French Roast, which tend to be darker/bolder. Check Amazon for reviews of many coffee brands, some have quite a bit of commentary that will help you pick a few likely candidates.</p>

<p>DH and I have a long history of loving coffee. We have gone through lots of types over the years. We do not like the machines that make the cups of coffee from a little cartridge -- Keurig, etc. We just think the coffee tastes bland. </p>

<p>After doing a lot of business travel in Europe over the past year, DH became a fan of . . . Nescafe! Seriously. It's very smooth and with an instant hot water dispenser in our kitchen we can concoct precisely the strength each of us likes. </p>

<p>On weekends or slower mornings, I like to brew espresso in my ancient Italian stovetop espresso maker. I use LavAzza espresso beans, the best I've found and sometimes hard to find so will occasionally order off Amazon.</p>

<p>So basically, we rely on morning Nescafe and weekend espresso . . . and I usually have at least one medium coffee (just cream) from Dunkin Donuts most days.</p>

<p>Have to say we are glad to be free of programming the machine, fooling with the beans, cleaning out the grounds, etc.</p>

<p>You may want to read this thread</p>

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<p>My taste for coffee is opposite to sewhappy's. I am very picky about Keurig flavors, but do like it. My "go to" one is Gloria Jean's swiss almond chocolate.</p>

<p>I love Dunkin Donut coffee. I really dislike the bitterness of many of Starbucks coffees, although I do like their Pike coffee. Neither brand is getting rich from the number of purchases that I make. I only buy these ready made while traveling. I have bought Dunkin Donuts when on sale (often between Thanksgiving and Christmas). We often leave our house with Keurig coffee and DH shops for and buys in bulk by the month online (far less expensive than in stores).</p>

<p>When we have company, I buy coffee by the pound and grind the beans. I really enjoy hazelnut flavored coffee.</p>

<p>Was just thinking about how much I appreciate my favorite coffee, Cafe Bustelo, which is made more for the hispanic market than anglos. Bright yellow packaging, dark roast, not too expensive. Regardless, is smooth, and lovely, flavorful, not at all bitter. </p>

<p>I do need to put in a plug for fair trade coffees, which support hardworking people in many poor countries at a better wage. There are many local roasters thoughout the country.</p>

<p>OP, sounds like I like a bolder flavor than you, and I don’t like flavored coffees. My current favorite is Caffe Verona from Starbucks..lots of flavor without a burnt taste, and can be found in the grocery store, Target, or Walmart. Sometimes I try a Starbucks type I’ve never heard of just for fun and am often pleasantly surprised. I do like Starbucks coffee more often than not (except French roast..just can’t drink that one). I’m not a fan of 8 o’clock; not enough flavor for me. Seattle’s Best in purple bag with #5 on it is also good, but may be too bold for you. I get bored and try different ones all the time. I’ll buy a little of this and a little of that at Whole Foods sometimes because it’s in bulk and you can get as little as you want. I just keep experimenting, and even when I decide on what I think is the perfect coffee, I can’t stop trying others, so I never have a favorite too long at one time.</p>

<p>Peet's !!!</p>

<p>Artlovers, thanks for the link! Since that was your original thread, what have you learned since???</p>

<p>That thread was more tuned to coffee beans, and for now, I will probably buy ground (unless I am grinding directly at the store).</p>

<p>Seems that Dunkin and Eight O'Clock was getting consistently good reviews.</p>

<p>Is it true that "Breakfast Blend" tends to be a smoother, milder flavor than say Dark Roast???</p>


<p>many things have happened since I post that in the last year's thread and I still have that coffee maker that grinds and makes coffee in one step.</p>

<p>I went to Bali and of course, I bought Kupi Luwak and many different kinds of coffee beans from Indonesia. Half of our luggage was filled with coffee and it took a long time to finish the stock. I also found that I can mail order Kupi Luwak directly mailed from Indonesia for about $150/lb thru a dealer in the USA. I like Kupi Luwak a lot but not sure if I can afford it, even at far less than $695/lb in a local store.</p>

<p>In the mean time, I have not finish trying all the different kinds of coffee at Trader Joes. I cannot stand the taste of 100% Kona at Trader Joe's, nevertheless. I will try Eight O'clock and Dunkin some times soon.</p>

<p>Peets is fabulous. I make sure to go to Peets whenever in CA. </p>

<p>Also, Small World Coffee in Princeton. The quintessential coffee house.</p>

<p>I don't like Peets so much,( Stumptown is the coffee at our local cafe) but I think it also depends on the barista. We buy whatever shade grown fair trade coffee is on sale at the grocery, of which there are a ton of local roasters.
( Live in Seattle ;) )</p>

<p>& here's something to read while you have your daily cuppa.
Coffee</a> and Skin Cancer | Health Goes Strong</p>

<p>Peets. For years I only drank French Roast and recently had some Guatemala which I liked very much.</p>

<p>Tim Horton's!!!!</p>

<p>Ah yes! Tim Horton's! We have lots of those around here ....I don't think I"ve seen the ground coffee itself in the grocery store, but you can buy it in Tim Hortons itself, right?</p>

<p>abasket... yes and although they officially dont sell online... [my oldest son knows how much i love tim hortons (grew up in the town where the very first Timmy's was)...and we cant get it in alabama.] son called the company and had 12 cans shipped to me for my birthday!</p>

<p>DH claimed for years that, since he always added flavoring syrup, the brand of coffee didn't matter, so he bought whatever whole beans were cheapest. Then he discovered Oblique Coffee Roasters here in Portland (Oblique</a> Coffee Roasters). He also now drinks twice as much coffee as he used to. Oh well, my garden loves the grounds.</p>

<p>Dunkin' Donuts, and only Dunkin' Donuts. Original Ground......YUM.</p>

<p>On the west coast, Costco offers a 3# bag of San Francisco Bay French Roast which we use and nearly every overnight guest we have had the past few years asks about the brand. We do drink strong coffee so it might not be the right choice for the OP</p>

<p>We like our coffee strong. We drink our coffee black, no flavored coffee in our house. Our favorite is SLO Roasting Company french roast. It is local to the central coast of Ca. I mix half decaf with half regular. Until recently I only bought SLO coffee but now that I am trying to save money I have been buying what is on sale. One of the grocery stores had Peets on sale for $6.99 so I bought 6 bags. It isn't as good or as dark as the SLO but it is still good. Sometimes what I will do is buy the more expensive regular coffee and mix it with the decaf of what is on sale (peets, starbucks). We make coffee every AM
I used to buy Seattles best at Costco but it didn't agree with my stomach.</p>