Coffee Maker - again!

Lol I asked for help here about 3 years ago for a coffee maker - I chose one I loved but it appears to be on the fritz. Luckily it’s still under extended warranty I had so I think I’ll get $ back (model is no longer made).

I have a lot of requirements - this is an item I’m a little picky/vain about:

  • ability to make 1-4 cups - more is fine but I will never make a 12 cup.
  • glass carafe
  • small footprint
    -modern looking - or retro - but not “standard boring” :blush:
  • I don’t want a bargain maker or your basic Mr Coffee even if yours has lasted 20 years.
  • my budget would love to not spend much more than $100ish - I’m flexible but I won’t spend $200.
  • don’t knock my requests! I just have strong opinions on my home items!

Seriously, looking for that great new coffee maker product you may have discovered
(Mine was a Gourmia automatic pour over 5 cup- RIP!!)

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We bought this coffee maker a few months ago and love it. The only thing it doesn’t have is a glass carafe but I love the fact coffee stays hot without having to be on the heating element.

They also offer a slightly smaller version

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Ninja. Checks all the boxes except cost but worth it in my opinion.

I like my Bonavita. Gets the water nice and hot, and is easy to clean. They have them in both glass carafe and thermos. The thermos really works well, but the glass pours better. They used to have a smaller 5 cup model, but I have gone with the bigger, 8 cup one, even though I usually only make 4 cups. I paid a bit over $100, i think? They are no clocks, lights, timers, LED’s or any other gizmos- just makes coffee.


Example of the model?

I think this is the current model. Ours is older.

Ninja Hot & Cold Brew Coffee Maker - CP301

It’s been three years since the thread? Time flies. Ooh, babybee, sorry it’s on the ftitz.

Not really offering much help, just idly commenting.
I’m still happy enough with my Keurig mini. Doesn’t meet all your needs, but I’ve also got a space issue.

Coffee makers are somewhat of a fixation with me, I’m always looking for the super-doo that makes some sort of expresso, with a frother- and well under $100. Yeah, right.

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This one looks cool, but may be too big and too expensive
This one doesn’t have glass, but it’s 5 cups and kid of nice

This looks boring but gets good reviews[]st[p]cj6xpzb96009fs1y6s4t7mq11[i]iA5hKV[d]D[z]m[t]w[r]

Seconding Bonavita. Also one of the few machines to brew at a high enough temperature to be certified and recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Have had ours for over 10 years. Continues to work because it is so simple…really just a hot water delivery device, similar to an automatic pour over.

Haha - I had that Zojirushi for years and passed it on to my grad school daughter - it finally died. It’s really basic looking (molded plastic look) so I’d like something a little more stylish. But it’s a good product if basic is ok with you!

Space is an issue - I have a certain spot on my counter where it works best and so too tall or too wide is an issue.

I know I’m looking for the impossible… :slight_smile: As @lookingforward said, “give me the one that does ALL the things for $100!” :wink:

Weirdly my current one did work this morning - sort of - but it’s on it’s way out. It brewed but then the “needs water” light was flashing even though it had plenty of water.

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We are also pretty picky about our coffee makers. Like others here, we have a Bonavita 8 cup with an insulated carafe. This is the second coffee maker for us with a carafe and I don’t think we would go back to glass.

The carafe is not important to me because I make my morning coffee to take to work and I’m done. Don’t have the need to keep it warm. I also have a weird dislike for the stainless steel carafe look. I will take a look at Bonavita models sometime today.

I’ve been wondering what the big deal about “pour over” coffee was, and just found that it’s basically just good old Melitta. Unfortunately, they seem to have stopped making the 6 cup filters a few years ago.

I’m no coffee expert but the automatic drip pour over machines (what I have now) apparently create a “bloom” first by slowly wetting the grounds and then getting more pour over flow.

I’m still on the lookout but for whatever reason my machine did work this morning!

Does anyone have a SMEG coffee maker? Boy I’d like that in my counter!!!
Smeg Retro Style Coffee Maker Machine, 17.3 x 12.8 x 11.3, Cream

What about an old-fashioned Chemex. It’s a pour-over system. The carafe is glass; it works well, and comes in several sizes. You’ll need a filter and a pot to boil water, and that’s it. The Chemex is easy to use and if you just put your coffee into a thermos, you don’t need a model that has a warmer.


How about a pop of color? It is a glorified Mr. Coffee but dang it looks so cool. And if you buy it from Nordstrom, you can take it back easily! :slight_smile:

I see you posted the Smeg one! :slight_smile: I do not have one, but if we drank drip coffee, I’d buy one! :slight_smile: The reviews on Nordstrom seem to be mostly positive.

I love the look of the SMEG! Expensive though

Can’t help, I have a super cheap coffee maker so I can make one cup into a travel mug. And a Nespresso. Both of which I use equally

I know that SMEG is :100: !!!

You won’t find me carrying a designer handbag or shoes but I love good home decor!

I was considering a simple pour over - and might get one just to have on hand anyway (back up coffee!) I am actually eyeing this one

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You’ll have to let us know what you decide.

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